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Shree Saurashtra Patel Kelavani Mandal (SSPKM) is accomplishing wonderful task by providing opportunity to the students of Saurashtra through the medium of accommodation in huge city like Ahmadabad and encouraging them to pursue higher and better education.

It aims at providing comfortable, hygienic accommodations with assured quality standards at affordable rates. All in all, the hostel life in SSPKM is one of the most enviable among the student community, providing students with conducive atmosphere for learning and personal development.

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October 16

Girls Hostel Bhumipoojan
18:21 PM

September 16

શ્રી સૌરાષ્ટ્ર પટેલ કેળવણી મંડળ કુમાર અને કન્યા છાત્રાલય આયોજિત સાતમો રમતોત્સવ.
11:36 AM

October 29

ગુજરાતના પૂર્વ મુખ્યમંત્રી કેસુભાઇ પટેલનું નિધન
19:05 PM


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Feel like second home, facility of living and eating is good enough, team work of trustees and rector’s is good, every festivals and so many other functions celebrates, motivational & yoga seminar also held by hostel, it’s much more than hostel.


This place is only for boys who come either from saurastra region or whose parents lived in saurastra.
Shree saurastra patel kelvani mandal is posses two building one has 10 floor
(unit 1)and other has 7 floor(unit 2).
Unit 2 means 7 floor building is very much good than 10 floor because unit 2 constructed on 2013.
It has also good rooms,lift facility,letrin,solar water heater etc.
Make sure to get addmission in unit 2 than unit 1

Kaushik Vataliya

This is good place where the students of Patel Samaj can live at very low cost and the food which is given to the students is very good

Prince Sabhani

I lived here for 2 years and I loved this place its home away from home. Thats it no words to explain the feeling with the hostel.

Kishan Sojitra

Best hostel facility for leva patel community students whos studies in Ahmedabad far from home. With all the living and food facility and situated in best area of the city. Great facilitate for hostilities.